Development Portfolio

Here you will find examples of coding and development done by me, including graduate class projects and personal projects.

Professional Projects

For confidentiality and security reasons I’m obviously not able to share all of my professional work, but here is a sample of the types of projects I’ve worked on.

  • C++ embedded thermostat application, in development
  • C embedded thermostat application on Freescale MQX,¬†in production
  • C application thermostat emulator on Windows for development, including several prototypes exploring new interfaces and technologies
  • Robust Python library for internal company use in development
  • C++ signal management¬†application on Linux
  • C hardware control application and device drivers on VxWorks
  • VHDL device driver design and C application for switch network on Altera FPGA
  • Extensive automated test development in Agilent Vee
  • Python GUI and application for use in testing to simulate missing system components
  • C# GUI and application in embedded Windows

Ruff Portal

The Ruff Portal is an open source Python/Django web application in development for Dallas Pets Alive.

It is currently in the very early stages of development but feel free to follow us at

Also check out the Ruff Pad side project, an iPad app in Swift:

Library Project

This is a small project done for my graduate database design class. The goal was to design a front end for a MySQL database for librarians. It includes a Java GUI and application, a Python script for generating SQL, and the resulting SQL as well as manually written SQL.

The Java app is built with an ANT build script. Java is not my preferred or strongest programming language but was the preferred language for this project by the professor and TA.

The Python script was optional and done by me to expedite the processing of the raw data.


Download a .zip containing project files.

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